Can-Mex Youth Lab

The Embassy of Canada in Mexico and the Embassy of Mexico in Canada have joined efforts to implement the first-ever Can-Mex Youth Lab. The initiative aims to increase collaboration between Mexican and Canadian youth and allow young voices to be heard across the full range of priority topics. In addition, we hope the Lab will generate lasting bonds between all participants and with leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

A “lab” can be defined as: a place that provides opportunity for experimentation, observation, and practice in a field of study. Through this initiative, a gender-balanced group of youth from Canada and Mexico will have the chance to engage with each other and with key influencers and decision-makers in the Canada-Mexico relationship while also learning the skills of diplomacy and collaborating to identify new pathways forward.


What is the Lab?

The Lab is a joint initiative of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico and the Mexican Embassy in Canada which aims to give young people space to make their voices heard.

The 2021 edition concluded with the publication of the Final communiqué of recommendations by the delegates

What will your involvement look like?

In 2022, there will be 2 main topics and as a delegate you can decide to apply to the are that interests you the most. On the one hand we will be having sessions dedicated to the Bilateral relationship between Canada and Mexico where you'll get to learn first hand which are the key priorities and initiatives between the countries.

On the other, we'll have a Lab focusing on Internet safety and the rise of extremism, where you'll learn from experts in the field and you'll get to analyze the topics in order to provide recommendations based on your knowledge.

How long is the initiative?

Applications are open from May 25th until June 10th, 2022. Selected participants will be contacted during the month of July and we'll hold virtual meetings during the second half of the year.

What are the advantages of joining the Lab?

As a delegate of the Lab, you'll get to participate in a unique exchange experience between delegates of Canada and Mexico, where you will get to know young people and work together to provide recommendations for the Embassies.

The Lab is a virtual initiative that will enable you to participate regardless of where you're based out of. Expect to dedicate about 2 hours per week for your participation as a Delegate.

How to apply?

To apply, fill out the form through our website. Available here. You have time until June 10th, 2022

Make sure to include in your application form your video application, which you can upload to Youtube with the hashtag #canmexlab.